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Sheryll Murray MP
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Sheryll Murray MP

"The Country has a new Prime Minister and a new outlook following the Referendum result which is optimistic.

"The Conservative Party is now very united behind its new leader and Prime Minister Theresa May and her government appointments.

"She has made it clear that "Brexit means Brexit" and has appointed a new Secretary of State, David Davis, to ensure that this happens. He has already stated that he plans to trigger the process in the next 12 months with a likely exit by the end of 2018.

"She has also appointed Dr Liam Fox as a new New International Trade Secretary and he has already taken some important steps towards securing a number of important free trade deals.

"I will continue to ensure we get the very best deal for South East Cornwall. As well as ensuring farming subsidies and getting us out of the Common Fisheries Policy I want to ensure that funding provided by the European Structural and Investment Fund should be replaced by central government when we actually leave the European Union.

"I have also had very positive talks with the Secretary of State for Transport recently which were very positive and the case was made about upgrading the junctions on the A38. Clearly this will involve additional expenditure and I am pleased that the local Councillors were able to make the case to the Secretary of State."

Sheryll Murray MP